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Hoot'n'Holler and Open Voice Systems

Tecbridge has over a decade of front-line experience in hoot'n'holler systems in the trading floors across the World. Tecbridge is a leading authority on the practical issues and risks in installing, modifying or migrating broadcast voice systems. Tecbridge provides consultancy to Banks, Brokers and System Vendors alike to help anticipate and solve the acoustic and other systems issues that can arise when contemplating fresh systems or undertaking major changes to existing systems.

If your open voice trading systems are not working as they should and your traders are complaining, learn how we can help solve your problems by visiting Support and Consultancy for Managers of Open Voice Systems.

Consultancy Services in Hoot/n/Holler and other open voice systems.  


Custom Call Handling and CTI Solution


CTI ("Computer Telephony Integration") is a foundation technology we use to rapidly engineer complex telecommunications solutions. When you call your utility supplier to pay a bill, the chances are you will be talking to a "CTI Box".

We offer a unique service to both Banks and banking equipment vendors to deliver custom telecommunications solutions quickly and efficiently. If you need a special function you just cant get on your Turret, Dealer Board, PBX or Intercom System and it involves Interactive Voice Response, Conferencing, QSIG, H.232, SIP, Bridging, Grooming, Voice Recording, SMS, Voice Recognition, Databases, Text to Speech or Fax, we can probably help. Read more

Brochure: - Custom Call Handling and Voice Processing Solutions


Our Aliance Partners in Finance - Miton Systems Ltd - experts in Computer Telephony Integration technology  

High Availability Hoot'n'Holler Bridge Systems


A Bridge is possibly the most critical component in a Bank's Hoot'n'Holler network. Our solutions have been designed jointly with our Alliance partners, Miton systems Ltd to deliver a resilient, flexible, scaleable low-latency architecture equally suited to both core hub sites and regional hubs.

Our modular architecture has been designed from the ground up to provide high levels of reliability and to support practical maintenance strategies to ensure if service is ever lost, it is localised and very, very fast to fix. The days when one critical 'box' can take out entire Hoot'n'Holler networks are gone for ever.

Please visit High Availability Hoot'n'Holler Bridge Systems for more information

Brochure: - High Availability Hoot'n'Holler bridges for the Finance Industry


High Availability Hoot'n'Holler Bridge

Standard Conference Bridges


Our Alliance Partners in Finance, Miton Systems Ltd offer a comprehensive range of both standard and customized conference bridge systems.

The key to our success lies in our flexible and extensible architecture which enables us to offer virtually any combination of functionality and resilience to fit your budget.

Our vertical focus on the technical peculiarities and unique culture of the finance industry provides assurance our products not only do what they say on the box, but go on to meet your specific needs like a glove.

Our bridge products are exceptionally reliable, and avoid the pitfalls of high-density CTI solutions based on expensive third-party component CTI cards. Gone are the days when fixing a problem meant a technician taking a bridge out of service and attempting a fix with an un-tested spare card!

For more information on our range of Conference Bridges, please visit this page on our Alliance Partner's web site.


Managed and Unmanaged Conference Bridges


Multicast Streaming Voice Solutions for PC's (Win 2K/XP)

Our DealerVoice Products offer multiple multicast streamed voice to the desktop with low latency and cadence. Cadence is the irritating and distracting phenomena when the same voice channel emerges from different PC's at slightly different times.

DealerVoice has an extensible architecture allowing future upgrade to support new voice functionality as it becomes available.

DealerVoice is based on Microsoft .NET XCopy and click-once deployment strategies for minimum installation and maintenance hassle on production PC's.

Brochure: - High Availability Hoot'n'Holler bridges for the Finance Industry



DealerVoice - Strealing Low-Latency Audio